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Who They Are

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Mary Hu

Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft

data science for business insights

Passionate about partnering with business groups to deliver data analysis that supports business decisions and drives efficiencies. Analytical and conceptual mindset with hands-on experience in big data analysis. Experience delivering measurable global business insights. Ran thousands of experiments on client for operating system.
I co-founded the Women in Data Science community at Microsoft, aiming to empower everyone who aspired to be data driven to fulfill their full potential.

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Haodan Yang

SAP Product Management - AI Business Services & Applications

panel: pursuing a career of data science

Passionate about cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Enjoy being the bridge between academia and industry, business and technology, and east and west.

SAP is working on a women in artificial intellegence project, see details here:

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Silvina Grad-Freilich

Head of Technical Marketing for Cloud,

HPC and Enterprise AI at Mathworks

panel: pursuing a career of data science

Proven technical marketing executive with 20+ years of experience in identifying strategic opportunities, articulating compelling visions, and converting them into high-growth software product. Extensive experience in managing teams responsible for product strategy and roadmaps, customer advocacy, new product launches, lead generation, and partnerships. Expert in Cloud, HPC, and operationalization of data science, AI and Machine Learning.

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Jianghao Wang

Data Scientist at The MathWorks

bridging data science and the climate

I am a mathematician by training. My deep care for the planet led me into an earth science department to pursue a doctoral degree in climate science. After 5 years of sunny life in southern California, I moved to Boston and have started as a data scientist at the MathWorks. Although a bit far way from climate science these days, I am still passionate about bridging gaps between statistics, mathematics and climate science, and applying all the skill I have to solve environmental problems and communicate science with general public.

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Beth Rudden

IBM Distinguished Engineer & Principal Data Scientist - Cognitive, GTS

application of AI to cognitive science – transforming people, companies, and lives through analytics and empowerment with data


My current role is to transform the world’s largest IT Shop, GTS, through the application of AI and Cognitive Science.  I bind my background and training in anthropology, language and data science to develop models for the cultural transformation of our ~100k strong workforce. I measure my success by the adoption of my models and seek every opportunity to develop our humans. 

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Shruti Bhargava

Machine Learning Data Scientist at SAP

Data Sciences: Machine Learning and Data Visualization


I am a Data Scientist at SAP Ariba, part of the Procurement Data Science team in Palo Alto. I graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Computational and Mathematical Engineering - specializing in Data Science. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. At SAP, I work on applying deep learning and machine learning to enterprise use cases. Domains which interest me include Natural Language Processing and Biomedical Informatics.

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