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Today, as information and data has become the most lucrative business around the globe, men are the majority in this field, creating discrepancies in income and homogeneous professionals. This status quo will not facilitate a healthy development of such industries. Thus, for a better future of data science, we want to support more girls to enter this field, and promote those interesting applications of data science done by women in this industry. If you are a math and science girl, you are welcomed to come and unlock the great potential of your future.



近年来,数据一直是每个行业的核心。 数据分析带来创新,服务于人们的日常生活,带来商业利润。 然而,由于目前的高中教育,很多学生不了解这个领域的细节——如何分析数据,如何在社会和行业中应用,如何成为一名数据科学家等等。

实际上,许多与数据科学相关的工作如今面临着激烈的竞争,但仍然有一些女性在这个领域内取得了成功。我们邀请到了一些这样的女性与我们分享他们的工作成果和职业经历以及他们对数据科学未来的愿景,为高中生未来学习和从事数据科学提供参考。 会议将让我们了解数据科学及其应用,以及我们将如何为数据科学未来的发展做好准备。






We hope to inspire and educate more high school students, especially the girls, getting them ready for choosing data science as their future major and career. In addition, promoting the diversity of gender in the data science industry is our goal as well.


我们希望能让个更多人了解数据科学,并鼓励她们选择数据科学作为未来职业方向。同时, 也为数据科学领域内的性别平等贡献力量。



The speakers in these talks comes from various backgrounds, and they all have applied their expertise in different fields. In each talk, they will discuss:

  1. Their past work in data science, especially those speical and interesting parts.

  2. Their story of with data science, and how their work has influnced people around them

  3. How their identity as a woman has played a role in their career.

  4. Their advice to the high school students about their future data science career. 


这些演讲的演讲者来自不同的背景,将自己的专业知识应用于了不同的领域。 在她们在演讲中将会讨论:

  1. 她们过去在数据科学方面的工作,尤其是那些特别的应用

  2. 她们的数据科学故事,以及她们的工作如何影响周围的人

  3. 她们作为女性的身份如何在她们的职业生涯中发挥作用

  4. 她们对高中生未来数据科学职业的建议



After listening to a talk from experienced data scientist, are you impassioned to get involved in data science? The panel will provide some insight about future careers. The panelists will talk about how they get to their position, the lessons they learnt from their failures and success, and the advice they have for high school students.

听了经验丰富的数据科学家的演讲后,你是不是觉得数据科学其实很有趣? 下面这个座谈会会提供有关未来职业的一些见解。 几位嘉宾将讨论她们的职业道路,他们从失败和成功中获得的一些经验,以及他们对高中生学习和从事大数据行业的建议。


The contents:

For the first 15 minutes the panelists will be asked about some general questions (see examples below)

Then the audience will get a chance to ask questions to these people on the stage. 



Some examples of the questions: 

  1. What do you regularly do?(your job and other work related to data science)

  2. What’s your path to your current position?

  3. Over the years of your working, is there any major change in the world and in your industry?

  4. Who or what do you think is missing from your company/the data science industry today?

  5. What are some big lessons that you have learnt from your career journey?

  6. What is your envision of the future of your industry? How could young people take advantage of them?

  7. Any other advices for our audiences who are inspired to choose the career that you have been working in?



3.您在从事行业的时候, 行业有什么变化? 或者说社会的变化对该行业有什么影响?


5.您对数据科学的未来有什么展望? 现在的对相关领域感兴趣的高中生可以如何调整来适应该行业的发展?





In this activity, you will form a small group with several other audiences to discuss how to use data to solve a real problem. Through the discussion, you will identify how data is collected and processed, and how the results can help us make better decisions and improve our lives. Afterwards, you will also have the opportunity to communicate with students in other groups and listen to other people's solutions to different problems.



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